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Glossary of Terminology
of the Shamanic & Ceremonial Traditions
of the Inca Medicine Lineage

as Practiced in the United States

CAUTION: The inclusion of herbs, symptomatology and treatments for disease within this glossary
is not meant for diagnosis of, nor prescription for treatment of, any medical condition.
This information is included for anthropological and historical study only.



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    Index of Appendices

       Pronunciation Guide

       The Islands of the Sun and the Moon

       The Quipu

       Hanan and Hurin Cusco

       Icaros and Vegetalismo

       Ceke Types

       Mama Coca's Early Dance With Western Civilization

       Timeline of the Inca Empire and Its Cultural Progenitors              

       The Dimensions of Shamanic Perception

       The Andean Despacho

       The Curandero Ceremony of Healing

    Appendix L

       Pre-Conquest Surgical Tools

    Appendix M

       The Chroniclers of the Conquest of Peru

    Appendix N

       Pre-Inca Cultures of Peru and the Andes

    Appendix O
      A Shaman's Legacy (Lessons from Don Manuel Quispe)
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