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Glossary of Terminology
of the Shamanic & Ceremonial Traditions
of the Inca Medicine Lineage

as Practiced in the United States

CAUTION: The inclusion of herbs, symptomatology and treatments for disease within this glossary
is not meant for diagnosis of, nor prescription for treatment of, any medical condition.
This information is included for anthropological and historical study only.


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Ch, Ch' & Chh
F & G
K' & Kh
N & Ñ
P', Ph
Q', Qh
T' & Th


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    Many of the photographs, graphics and some of the text in this glossary are copyrighted and the intellectual property of others. No copyright infringement is intended and no financial gain for any individual will be made from these pages. This glossary has been assembled for educational purposes only and follows the fair use doctrine of the copyright laws.

    *The contributor ANON1 wishes to remain anonymous in respectful deference to his teachers' concerns regarding possible notoriety. The author of this entry has been a student of Peruvian ceremonial traditions for over a decade.  His contributions to this Quechua glossary were composed during his three years based in Cusco, Peru, where he experienced Quechua immersion in small Andean communities and actively studied records of the history of Andean cosmology.  These definitions are a product of that time spent in close contact with the specific traditions of Cusco, and likely reflect the idiosyncrasies of the language and culture of that region.

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